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  .:Reverse bet:.

A reverse bet is an "if bet" that works in all directions. We must first define what an if bet is in order to understand what a reverse bet is. An if bet is a combination of wagers, where the outcome of the initial wager determines whether the next wagers are in fact placed. Therefore, a reverse bet is essentially a combination of each and every possible if bet on any given number of selections and thus eliminate the possibility of losing due to the order of selections.

Reverse bets are double acting i.e. the outstanding bets in the chain will be placed if the previous bets is a win, a tie or for any reason cancelled.


In a selection of two games, a client wagers a reverse action on Team A win and Team B win. What this means is, there'll be two if bets i.e. Team A then Team B and Team B then Team A.

Suppose that you make a $50 reverse bet on the Eagles -110 and the Cowboys -120. The possible loss is twice the possible loss in the potentially more expensive game. For this situation, you are betting to win $50 on each game, so on the Eagles you would wager $55, and $60 on the Cowboys. Maximum loss is $120. There are four possible results:

Both teams win: The Eagles and the Cowboys can both win, and as a result, you win both of your if bets i.e. the $55 bet on the Eagles would win you a $50 profit, $60 bet on the Cowboys would win you $50 profit thus producing a $100 profit. You would also wager $100 on the other if bet, bringing your aggregate profit to $200.

Both teams lose: If both the Eagles and the Cowboys lose, you'd incur a $55 loss on the first if bet and $60 on the second if bet, bringing the total to $115.

Eagles win, Cowboys lose: On the first if bet, the Eagles winning would generate $50 profit, then the Cowboys losing would generate $60 lose. Net profit here is -$10 ($10 loss). On the second if bet, Cowboys lose and the bet ends. Aggregate profit is -$65 ($65 loss).

Cowboys win, Eagles lose: On the first if bet, the Eagles losing would result in a $55 lose. On your second if bet, the Cowboys winning would generate a $50 profit, then you'd lose $55 on the second part bringing aggregate lose to $5. Overall lose is, thus, $55.

A reverse bet is considered as one of complex sports bets that one can place, but isn't actually as hard to comprehend once you are acquainted with the idea. They involve making various choices, however they are less risky and they can still offer return even though you don't get every choice right. If you want to bet on a result of more than one match without gambling excessively of your wallet, a reverse bet can be an incredible choice. A reverse bet is advantageous in this way because you are still capable of limiting your vulnerability to loses while diversifying the possible combinations that'll yield winning bets.


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We spent some days and weeks in the summer with our Grandparents. Not having much else to do in those days(this was before the lake was put in) my Mema would pile the several of us into her car and to the Brazos we would go. One particular year when she had about all she could stand, we went to the Drive-in five nights in a row. And the picture that played was "Sons of Katie Elder".

Jimmy Roe

I would just like to say Thank You for keeping The Brazos Drive-in
open. We have been going to the drive-in for several years now almost every
weekend. It is and experience my family and I enjoy very much. Keep up the good work.

A Granbury resident,
Wendy Lee

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